A Friendly Wager from SacTown Royalty

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

We meet again, Blazers fans. It is I, that strange person who cheered for the Kings while living in Portland and somehow developed a Grinch-ian soft spot for the Blazers. I have spent much less time perusing this site due to my eyes being glued to the continued, never ending, radioactive decay and dysfunction of my own team, the Kings.

As it turns out, however, our respective teams (both taking lumps for very different reasons) play each other this upcoming Sunday down here in the Valley. This will be the first of four meetings between us this season, and frankly, it doesn't appear to the rest of the league to be a marquee matchup. To them, it will probably appear to be a movable object being struck by a stoppable force. We're not very good is what I'm getting at.

However, the respective qualities of our teams does not diminish the great quality of our respective blogs, and I must give you the edge. I am most impressed with the goal for BlazersEdge Night (against my team, no less) to try and raise 2000 donated tickets to send local Portland kids to a Blazers game. I believe sports is one of the great things you can enjoy in life, and I know I got hooked on basketball when I was a kid (then again, it was easy because we had the best team in the NBA, but I digress). That's why I want to make a friendly wager a la Bright Side of the Sun for our Sunday matchup.

You see, I've always been a big believer that tickets to games, concerts, events, etc should always try and go to people who'd enjoy them most. I wouldn't take a friend who's into EDM to a Springsteen concert because that means there's one fewer Jersey diehard able to see the Boss in place of someone who isn't really into it. I consider myself partly guilty of breaking my own rule here because, well, I went to several Blazers games in my time in Portland, and I always felt that in my seat could've been a father taking their kid to their first Blazer game or some diehard fan out in Bend who wasn't able to buy a ticket in time.

So, BlazersEdge, here's my wager, if anyone should choose to take it and match it: if the Blazers beat the Kings this Sunday (a game I'll be in attendance for with a Rip City playoff hat I'll desperately try to get Lillard to sign), I will donate SIX TICKETS to BlazersEdge Night, one ticket for every Blazers game and event I attended (one regular season game in 2012, two in the 2013/14 season, Game 3 of the Houston playoff series, Blazers Fan Night 2014, and one regular season game last season).

Now, I had a poll at STR to try and get other members involved (you are sending kids to watch OUR trainwreck of a team, after all), but there wasn't much activity on it. All I know is for myself, and I'm a giving person. It's the time of year for it, and at the end of the day, I want to see something good come out of Demarcus Cousins' petulance. Have at me, Blazers fans!