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Blazer's Edge Needs Your Help for Underprivileged Children

You can help send 2000 underprivileged kids to a Portland Trail Blazers game. Here's how.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Dear Blazer's Edge Readers,

I wanted to update you on Blazer's Edge Night...the evening where readers of this site combine to send 2000 underprivileged children and chaperons to see the Portland Trail Blazers play. This year's Blazer's Edge Night game is March 28th versus the Sacramento Kings.

Since word has gone out that we're sponsoring this event again, and at such a dramatic level, requests have poured in. Back in the day teachers, school officials, and counselors used to write in to request 4-6 tickets. Some still do that. But we're also hearing from teachers who say, "We're in an incredibly low-income district. My entire class could go...probably even the entire grade." Our policy has always been to send as many kinds in need as possible. When someone says, "I have a group of 20 underprivileged kids but I could hold a contest to pick 5-6 to go," we always tell them, "Don't you dare. 24 tickets are on their way for those kids and their chaperons." We want them ALL to be able to go. We want this to be a bonding experience. We want that teacher to look like the most amazing person in the world to those kids...the person who cares, who arranged it so they could all go together, who left nobody out.

So yeah, right now we're not just dealing with teams of 10 or classes of 20, but grade-levels of 80-100 kids at a time. We can do this. We can say an incredible, "Yes!" to these people. We just need your help to get those tickets donated.

Arranging for kids to go is simple. You just purchase tickets through the following link to the Trail Blazers ticketing website...exactly the same as if you were buying them for yourself except you use the promo code BLAZERSEDGE. That ensures that the tickets you purchase will be donated to kids. The cost is modest, from $7-13 per ticket. We'll have no problem finding 2000 recipients to fill up the Moda Center that night. Can you help us with a ticket or two?

Here's the info:

Help us send 2000 underprivileged kids to see the Blazers play the Sacramento Kings on March 28th! You can donate through this link:


Ticket Costs range from $7-13 (There is a $5 processing fee per order.)

You can also call our ticket rep, Lisa Swan, directly at 503-963-3966. You will need to indicate to her that you are donating the tickets you order to Blazer's Edge Night.

--Dave / @DaveDeckard@Blazersedge