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Are You Buying What the Trail Blazers are Selling?

Jo and Tara give out their early season awards on the weekend edition of the podcast and discuss Allen Crabbe's recent contributions, what it must be like to be Neil Olshey, what would happen if Damian Lillard went down and more!

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With a couple of dozen games in the books, Blazer fans have a better idea what the product looks like now. Is it working to have all these players on the same career trajectory? Are they on track where they are supposed to be? Join in the discussion and tell us: are you buying what the Trail Blazers are selling?

On this week's podcast Jo and Tara give out their early season awards. Jo points out she's been talking about Cool Breeze all along and Tara takes a look at where Allen Crabbe came from and who he was before he became a Blazer. They wonder what it must be like to be Neil Olshey and ask, while everyone is talking about picking up big men, who would be the point guard if Damian Lillard goes down?

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