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Adidas and Damian Lillard Unveil D Lillard 2 - Photos Included

The wait is over, sneakerheads. adidas has unveiled Damian Lillard's second signature shoe, the D Lillard 2. Check out the photos and purchasing details.

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On Monday morning, adidas and All-star point guard Damian Lillard unveiled the D Lillard 2, the second signature shoe for the fourth-year leader of the Portland Trail Blazers. Lillard and adidas collaborated to design the shoe, which pays tribute to his upbringing in his hometown of Oakland, California. Photos below:

Statement from Lillard, per the announcement from adidas:

I wanted it to have more hints of my background," Damian explained. "I still wanted it to be a stylish shoe, to be worn off the court again. Being in Portland makes it easy to get my ideas across, meet with designers and create something special for fans."

The D Lillard 2 features Oak Print inspired by the tree logo on the "Welcome to Oakland" sign and Lillard's tattoos. The Oak Print can be found on the heel counter, midsole and eyelets.

The outsole's traction on the bottom of the shoe includes "Dame" on the base of the tow cap, "Oak" on the right shoe and "Land" on the left, "Brookfield" (Lillard's neighborhood) and "Suge Gee" on the heel - a tribute to his mother, Gina Johnson.

The D Lillard 2 ($105) will eventually be released in various colorways. The shoe will be released January 22 in "Rip City" and February 5 in "Road" with a limited release of "Rip City" on December 26 at, Eastbay and Foot Locker stores.