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Which Philadelphia 76'ers Players Would Look Good in a Trail Blazers Uniform?

With the hiring of Jerry Colangelo, Philly is primed for a "course change". Could the Blazers use that opening to pry away talent from the woeful Sixers?

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Today Ken Berger of CBS Sports released an article detailing the reasons behind the Philadelphia 76'ers hiring Jerry Colangelo to lead their basketball operations and Commissioner Adam Silver's role in the move. It's interesting, well worth a read. The most prevalent phrase in the entire piece is "course change"...polite speak for, "We really don't like how this is gone and we're going to start over."

This brings up interesting possibilities for fans of a team on the other side of the continent which is also rebuilding and stands in need of young, multi-talented big players that the Sixers have collected like trading cards during Sam Hinkie's reign. Trading for recent vintage lottery picks is a Neil Olshey specialty. Philly is ripe for just such a move.

Here's the question for you: IF the Sixers look to trade off some of their young talent, which players would most intrigue you as candidates for the Trail Blazers? You don't have to get over-realistic here. It's an exploratory exercise. Which Philadelphia players would look best in a Blazers uniform?

Comment below. If Blazer's Edge comes to a consensus, we'll happily ask LibertyBallers, our sister site covering the Sixers, about the potential for actual deals.


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