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VIDEO: Mason Plumlee Gets Smacked Across Face by Marcus Morris

The Detroit Pistons inaugurate a massive fourth-quarter comeback by clocking Trail Blazers center Mason Plumlee.

Early in the fourth period of the Portland Trail Blazers' 120-103 loss to the Detroit Pistons, Blazers center Mason Plumlee drove the lane for an attempted dunk. He was intentionally fouled by the Pistons' Marcus Morris and Reggie Jackson. Plumlee landed hard on his backside, but returned to the game. He was in noticeable discomfort during ensuing possessions. Morris was assessed a Flagrant One foul and remained in the game as well.

The video illustrates one of the key points of the night: how hard the Pistons fought in their massive fourth-quarter comeback. Credit will go to Reggie Jackson scoring and Andre Drummond rebounding, but the entire Piston's team got ultra-physical with the Blazers and Portland had no answer.