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Social Media Reaction: Blazers Kicked Their What??

The Blazers perform exceptionally on national television showing the nation that they aren't the bottom dweller like many analysts predicted.

Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

Okay, that game was a ton of fun. I’m still in awe of this performance and could not be prouder of the Blazers tonight. The threes were falling, especially Dame’s heat checks, and the hustle and pace was too much for Memphis to keep up with. Then having them play this well on national television is the cherry on top, even if we had to deal with Chris Webber calling the Legend "Miles" way too many times.

Well anyways, this article is a compilation of the post game reaction on social media from the world of sports media, the players themselves and more. The list of embedded posts will continue to be updated throughout the night as the conversation stays alive.

Post-Game Reaction