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What the Portland Trail Blazers Should Be Thankful For

Blazer's Edge Readers discuss the things their favorite team should be giving thanks for (and share a few thanks of their own too).

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Happy Thanksgiving to all our readers in the United States, and a special thank you to folks around the world joining us today.

In celebration of the American holiday of thanks, we want to know two things:

1. What do you think the Portland Trail Blazers should be most thankful for?

2. Go ahead and share anything you're thankful for today too.

I think the Blazers should give thanks for Damian Lillard's poise and scoring ability, Terry Stotts and the coaching staff, and the fact that they can still say, "At least we're not the Lakers".

Personally I'm thankful for every reader and for each member of the staff here, the people who give their heart and time to bring you the analysis, discussion, and news about the team we all love.

Some of those staff members also have thanks to share:

Brandon Goldner: I'm thankful for a Blazers team that's young, interesting, and full of good-natured, hard-working people. The games are usually engaging even when they're not winning. And the team's payroll is tiny. A team could be a lot worse after losing their best player and three other starters.

Dan Graves: My wife. Once she realizes it's game night, she finds something to keep herself occupied. What a Trooper.

TeamMom: I'm someone who gets bored very easily so, personally, I'm thankful for change. I know not everyone wanted to say goodbye to the old team but I like that we have a whole new group to get to know.

I'm thankful that the Blazers are a young and hungry group who appear to get along well, want to work hard, and are interested in becoming a part of the community. [I'm thankful for the marketing department who cares enough to sell me on this vision anyway.]

And I'm thankful that we have an undisputed leader in Damian Lillard who is smart, multi-dimensional and charismatic. And I'm thankful for a coach who seems smart and patient.

Finally, I'm thankful to the Blazer's Edge community that provided a warm and welcoming reception to a middle-aged mom with a slightly off-beat take on the Trail Blazers and the NBA.

Timmay: I'm thankful I can be cranky that LaMarcus Aldridge left. I'm thankful I can wistfully watch Nicolas Batum, Wesley Matthews, and Robin Lopez on other teams. I'm thankful I get to enjoy watching CJ grow every day. And I'm thankful to be frustrated that in just one week, I went from watching a possible contender to seeing yet another Blazer rebuild. I'm thankful about all this, because I'm lucky enough have the time and ability to think about them. I don't have to worry about whether I can eat tomorrow, or whether I'll have heat or shelter. I don't have to worry about an armed conflict happening around me. I'm lucky enough to have been born in a place where I get to live in relative comfort. It's something I do my best to be mindful of, while watching the world around me.

But also, I'm thankful Steve Blake is gone again. Nothing personal Steve.

Sam Tongue: After a long offseason, you'd think it would be hard to find things to be thankful for this season. But honestly, it's the complete opposite. I'm thankful for a team that competes every night. I'm thankful for a leader in Damian Lillard who looks like he's a building block for years to come. And most importantly, I'm thankful for Blazer fans around the world that continue to be the best in the league. You all make writing at Blazer's Edge the best opportunity in the world.


So come on, y'all, join in the spirit! Share your team-related and personal thanks in the comment section.

If you're feeling in the giving spirit this time of year, you can help send 2000 underprivileged young folks and their chaperons to the Blazers-Kings game on March 28th. It's easy to do. Tickets are automatically donated when you purchase them through this link:


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--Dave / @DaveDeckard@Blazersedge