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CJ McCollum Pregame Dribbling Routine: Video

Watch CJ McCollum work on his handles in this video by Mike Richman.

Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

CJ McCollum is constantly striving to improve his game. He has long been an exceptional ball handler, but it would appear that the work he put in this summer helped strengthen his dribbling skills. Check out this video of McCollum’s pregame dribbling routine by Mike Richman of The Oregonian:

"I always could (dribble). It was more about synchronizing it all together," McCollum says. "Finding out what dribble moves I could use to kind of be efficient and get to a spot. But I've always been able to dribble I just think I've gotten tighter with it and have a better sense of control, command."

Read Richman’s full article on McCollum’s improved dribbling skills here.