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Video: Damian Lillard Drops A Dime, And Jimmy Butler Beats The Buzzer

Jimmy Butler and Damian Lillard each provided magic moments during tonight's game.

Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Bulls defense stifled the Portland Trail Blazers for most of the first half on Tuesday night, but they could not contain Damian Lillard's playmaking on every play. Late in the second quarter Lillard took advantage of Jimmy Butler's lapse in attention and hit C.J. McCollum for a beautiful backdoor lay-up.

Unfortunately for Portland fans, Butler would redeem himself by drilling a half court shot to beat the first half buzzer, giving Chicago a 48-39 lead.

The Blazers will need more of Lillard's fancy passing for interior baskets and less outside shooting from the Bulls if they hope to pull out the win tonight.