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The Portland Trail Blazers Losing Streak Might Be a Fluke

Dan Sheldon of CSNNW explains why he doesn't think the Blazers will keep losing.

Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

Dan Sheldon of CSNNW penned a post yesterday explaining why the 7-game losing streak owned by the Portland Trail Blazers isn't as bad as it seems.

Portland's defensive rating is 30th in the NBA over the last 7 games. So where are they getting hit on the defensive end?

A bad team that has earned its losses will very often be allowing the opponent to march to the rim but, during this skid, Portland has not been getting dunked on. They've allowed the 7th fewest number of points inside the restricted area at the 8th best percentage.

So where are they getting hit on defense? From the mid-range.

Sheldon also talks about Portland's offense in the paint. He explains that the areas in which the Blazers are suffering worst right now will return to the mean over the long haul, which means better performances and presumably more wins.