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Damian Lillard (Thumb) Experiencing Numbness In Fingers

Portland Trail Blazers point guard Damian Lillard intends to play through injury, but suggests that his shot has been affected by treatment.

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

After Sunday's 106-94 road loss to the Charlotte Hornets, Damian Lillard indicated that the treatment he is receiving for his right thumb (nail partially torn off) is causing numbness and affecting his shot. Video via CSNNW:

It felt a lot better than it did against Memphis. Still just a little bit weird just because of a lot of the stuff that I got to wear on my finger and the cream that numbs the pain, you know. It makes my finger completely numb sometimes so when I shoot the ball I’m not using my thumb, and it’s going to the left sometimes. It’s just unfortunate, but I got to play through it. Offense wasn’t really our problem tonight. It was our team on the defensive end, so we got to be better.