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Stars Shine as Lamarcus Aldridge Returns to Portland

Lamarcus Aldridge leaves his former fans disappointed as San Antonio handles the Trail Blazers.

Craig Mitchelldyer-USA TODAY Sports

Every Blazers fan had this game marked on their calendars. In the most hyped game of the young season, polarizing figure Lamarcus Aldridge returned to Portland for the first time since signing with the San Antionio Spurs. After playing 9 seasons as a Blazer, Lamarcus was now the enemy.

Sadly the Blazers couldn’t pull through partially due to bad free throw shooting (14-23). Despite the disappointing result I found the game a lot of fun to watch and think the Blazers showed themselves off well on national television. The Spurs have been one of the elite teams in the league for over a decade straight now and the Blazers put up a good fight.

Here's a compilation of the post-game reaction from the world of sports media, the players themselves and more. The list of will continue to be updated throughout the night as the conversation progresses.

Post-Game Reaction

Damian Lillard Rips Thumbnail

Reactions to Lamarcus

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