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Best and Worst Things About the Portland Trail Blazers Upcoming Season

On the eve of the season Blazer's Edge Readers weigh in on what they're most (and least) looking forward to in the coming year.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The 2015-16 NBA regular season starts tonight and the Portland Trail Blazers kick off their campaign with a game against the New Orleans Pelicans tomorrow evening.

On the eve of the season opener we're taking your temperature about the team and the upcoming year.

Right now we want to know what thing you're looking forward to most this year and what thing you're looking forward to least.

Personally I'll be excited to see those evenings when the Blazers get to play free and loose: running, dunking, forcing turnovers, rebounding and slamming the ball home. When this team gets a head of steam they're going to be incredibly exciting. I'm also looking forward to seeing how CJ McCollum develops. The light's so green for him that people behind him are honking. Will the take advantage? Will he become more than a scorer?

I'm least looking forward to those nights when the Trail Blazers run up against veteran defenses that have scouted their playbook. Portland's system is flexible but the players are young. They're still making the most obvious pass or move most of the time. When spacing and execution are perfect that won't matter, but most nights they won't be. Experienced defenses are going to know the move the Blazers want to make before the Blazers themselves do. At that point the offense is going to grind its way into turnovers and ugly shots. Not even amazing offensive rebounding will save them entirely. Those nights will be long.

What say you? What things in the coming year are you most looking forward to and what things are you not? Share in the comment season. Don't forget our live chat opening in this space around noon Pacific too!

--Dave / @DaveDeckard@Blazersedge