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Portland Trail Blazers Might Be Interested in Ryan Boatright

Nets waive the rookie point guard. Could the Blazers pick him up?

Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

According to AmicoHoops the Brooklyn Nets have waived University of Connecticut guard Ryan Boatright and the Portland Trail Blazers may be interested in giving him a look.

The 6'0" guard shot 38% from three-point range for the Huskies during a four-year college career during which the Huskies claimed the 2014 NCAA Title.

Zach Links of HoopsRumors conducted an interview with Boatright back in June where he claimed that the Blazers were among teams showing interest in him.

Zach Links: At the draft combine this year, you clocked in with an eye-popping 41-inch vertical leap. Did you get a lot of extra attention from scouts and team executives after that?

Ryan Boatright: I spoke with my agent and he told me a lot of people were impressed. The funny thing is though, I normally do a 44-inch vertical. So, that 41-inch jump was good, but it wasn't my best.

ZL: Did you think about doing it again?

RB: They gave me the opportunity to do it again but I didn't take it. I think 41 is impressive enough and that day I was dealing with a bit of a groin injury, so I felt like I should leave it alone.

ZL: Has your agent told you about specific teams that are especially interested in you?

RB: He said that the Clippers, Nets, and Trail Blazers are really interested in me.

The Trail Blazers are expected to sort out their roster situation over the next couple days. They're currently carrying two third-string point guards, Tim Frazier and Phil Pressey. Boatright would add a third to the mix.