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Steve Blake Suffers Concussion in Practice

Former Blazers guards are not having a great opening to training camp.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

For those interested in news about former Portland Trail Blazers players, guard Steve Blake suffered a concussion in practice on Wednesday. According to this brief release on, the Detroit Pistons, Blake's new team, don't know when to expect him back.

The Detroit Pistons announced today that guard Steve Blake was diagnosed with a concussion, suffered in practice on Wednesday.

Blake will undergo the NBA's mandatory Return-to-Participation Exertion Protocol until he is deemed symptom free. No timetable has been set for his return.

In other former Blazers news, shooting guard Wesley Matthews is deemed a long shot to suit up opening night for the Dallas Mavericks.

Matthews has yet to be cleared for full contact or full-speed drills, hoping to receive permission to take the restrictions off by the end of the first week of training camp. He's then expected to slide into the Mavs' starting lineup this season, looking to fill a void at shooting guard left by the free-agent departure of leading scorer Monta Ellis to Indiana.

Portland fans will be happy to hear that Matthews' spirit remains as undaunted and feisty as ever.

Matthews now vows to take the court even better than he was before the injury, looking to showcase versatility during his first season with the Mavs.

"You know, we're still progressing up to that, and I think we'll start doing that by the end of the week," Matthews said when gaging how soon he will be able to go through contact drills. "You know, I'm on the treadmill and we will incorporate that down to the court, but for now it's a lot. You know, it's a lot to load up right now. Right now, I'm responding how I figured I'd respond.

"I mean, obviously, it's going to be a challenge. It's going to be tough, but I think you guys are going to quickly know me. If you didn't get it by the press conference, I don't really care about what's tough. You know, I'm going to get it done. It will be a challenge, but we'll get there. You know, I'm doing three different (forms of cardio) a day. Obviously, you can't simulate games until you're in it and I'll be winded for a little bit, but I'll be alright. I've gotten better every single year, and I'm a no-excuse type of person. I felt that, if I had not gotten hurt, I would have been a lot better this next season. I'm not going to let an Achilles take that away from me. I put too much into this game. I care too much about this game. I want to win too badly to not become a better player. And I already feel it."