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Flannery: Lillard Has What It Takes to be a Franchise Player

Flannery writes a detailed piece about Lillard's leadership.

Craig Mitchelldyer-USA TODAY Sports

Paul Flannery of SBNation interviewed Portland Trail Blazers point guard Damian Lillard about his shifting role on a redesigned team. In the profile Flannery created, he praised Lillard's initiative in supporting his teammates at Las Vegas Summer League, as well as organizing a group bonding trip to San Diego. Lillard told Flannery, "Now that they know me from that trip, they’re going to know that everything I say comes from a good place."

Although the article centers on Lillard's franchise player potential, Lillard himself downplayed his involvement in deciding that the team would be his.

"People say stuff like, he’s not a franchise player or this guy is a franchise player, but the franchise makes that decision. I didn’t make that decision. The franchise did. It’s more than being the best player on the team, especially with a young team like the one we have." Lillard said. When asked about the accountability that comes with leading a new group, Lillard responded "I can handle it.  I'll be fine".

The masterful piece can be found in full at


Hat tip to our own Dan Graves, who posted Flannery's article in the Fanshots.