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Portland Trail Blazers Podcast: Should the Blazers Pick up Samuel Dalembert?

In this week's edition of the Blazer's Edge Podcast we cover the viability of Samuel Dalembert, how special Joel Freeland and Meyers Leonard are, the continuing de-evolution of Nicolas Batum, and more.

Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

The January 6th edition of the Blazer's Edge Podcast is on the air!

Today Phil Naessens of the Phil Naessens Show and I talk about picking up Samuel Dalembert, the special snowflake that is Joel Freeland, the even more special night of Meyers Leonard, Nicolas Batum, Hawks and Lakers, and so much more. We crammed more fun and topics into less time than we ever have before...a sign that we might be getting pretty good at this. Several of you think so too; I'm told the downloads are significant after only a couple months. Help us spread the word to your friends and neighbors so we can make six digits before the Blazers playoff run is through! (If you ask Phil, he'll tell you that won't happen until late June, so you have some time.)

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--Dave / @DaveDeckard@Blazersedge