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Martin Luther King Holiday Post

Blazer's Edge asks what's important to you on this holiday.

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All of us folks at Blazer's Edge wish you well on this Martin Luther King holiday. Those who have the day off work or school, I hope you enjoy. For those settling in to watch a day's worth of NBA action, have fun! We're previewing the Portland Trail Blazers-Sacramento Kings game tonight and as always we'll be there with complete coverage from beginning to end.

I was also planning to do a Mailbag today but I looked at my children (who have an extra day off of school because of the holiday) and realized I've spent probably 15 minutes with them all weekend. (3 Blazers games between Friday and Monday plus day job plus other things.) So on behalf of my wonderful young boy and girl, I'm going to ask your indulgence in considering a different topic today. Mailbag questions can wait a day or two; they can't.

Which leads me into the topic of this post. We spend hours and hours discussing Blazers basketball on this site year 'round. But sometimes, on a day like today, it might be good to share the other things we're passionate about. (My children providing two easy examples for me.) After all, the dream of the guy this holiday honors involved sweeping changes in our society, a different way of looking at each other, and freedom to be passionate about the things that drive and inspire us regardless of race. The freedom to enjoy NBA basketball together is one aspect of that freedom. What are the others for you? What do you love and care about besides the Blazers? What inspires your passion?

The only thing I request is that you support each other in the comments by not discounting the passions of others. Nothing says the things you invest in have to be grandiose. If you're passionate about building a back porch or reading a series of novels or eating a Twinkie a day, that's awesome. If somebody's passion isn't yours, just state your own in tandem with them instead of arguing against theirs. Take this as a chance to get to know each other better in ways outside of basketball on a day that's about so much more than basketball. We see you all in Gameday Threads and trade Fanposts. Who are you in addition to all that?

Let us know below.

Also don't forget to let us know whether you'd prefer the Blazers trade for Wilson Chandler, Kevin Martin, or neither by calling in the voicemail of the Blazer's Edge Podcast at 234-738-3394. Leave us a 30-second clip favoring one view or the other and we might use it in tomorrow's show!

--Dave / @DaveDeckard@Blazersedge