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Paul Allen Watches Portland Trail Blazers Training Camp

Paul Allen scopes out Day 1 of the Portland Trail Blazers training camp. Hear his impressions here!

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Joe Freeman at reported that Paul Allen got a first hand look at the '14-'15 Blazers today. After watching the Blazer's first training camp session he spoke with reporters and answered questions on a wide range of topics.

Allen was asked about his team that has so many potential free agents and if he was willing to go into the luxury tax to keep the present team together.

I think it's been a while since I've been in the luxury tax. David Stern used to give me an extremely hard time about being as deep in the luxury tax as we went at one point. It's not something I'm looking at at this point. But look, we'll try to do what we can to be as competitive as we can in the future without causing ourselves a bunch of problems down the road by going way over the cap and impacting our ability to sign free agents in the future and things like that. So it's a very delicate balancing act to try and create yourself a championship window and then keep developing young players, too. I think if you look at, for instance, what the Seahawks, what we did winning the Super Bowl, that was with a very young team. So you have to blend the experience with young players and develop those as well. That's something Neil and his staff are very focused on.

A full transcript of the interview can be found at

See a video of the interview below (not available on iOS):