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Greg Oden's Troubles: A Non-Career Retrospective

Michael Wallace of looks at Greg Oden's slow, sad decline, including scenes from his earliest years as a Trail Blazer.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

In case you haven't gotten enough of Portland's former #1 overall pick, Michael Wallace has an extensive piece on Greg Oden's latest self-derailed comeback on In addition to detailing Oden's sad decline the story includes extensive quotes from then-coach Nate McMillan on the center's early days in Portland:

Instead of teaching his franchise center the finer points of post play, McMillan would soon be spending his nights coaching the Blazers to cope without him. Eventually, his days would often require working with Oden through counseling for depression. There were times when Portland's basketball staff went through counseling to better help Oden benefit from his own sessions.

"We just tried to do all that we thought we needed to do," McMillan said. "But we also felt he needed some outside help. We worked with his agent, former coaches, mentors, Mike Conley Sr., his family ... trying to figure out what was best. We just tried to bring in all the people we felt could help."

Oden played sparingly last season for the Miami Heat and was charged with felony domestic battery in August.

--Dave / @DaveDeckard