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What Makes Portland Trail Blazers Fans Special?

The Portland Trail Blazers have always bred a unique kind of fan. What are your best experiences with your fellow fans?

Craig Mitchelldyer-USA TODAY Sports

I want to take a few minutes to talk about Jarrett Jack Bobblehead Night.

Now I know, it's not the most timely discussion, as it happened in 2007, but it seems relevant. Last week, we talked about the kindness of Blazers players when you saw them around town. But I'd be remiss if we didn't talk about ourselves as well; that brings me back to Jarrett Jack Bobblehead Night.

I was lucky enough to attend that game with friends, who brought along their 10 year old son. He was very excited to see the game, but like all of us, he didn't realize it was Bobblehead night. If we'd known, we'd have been there early and waited in line. But he's a good kid; he was disappointed, but let it go and enjoyed the game. The Blazers won, what's better than that?

As the game ended, and we slowly packed up to leave, we noticed a random fan watching us from the aisle above. Kind of weird, but no big deal. He was still there as we approached, and we weren't sure what to expect.

Fan: "Hey kid, I noticed you aren't carrying a Bobblehead. Didn't get one?"
Kid: "Nope, we got here after they were out of them."
Fan: "That's cool. Hey, I don't really need mine. Do you want it?"

The kid's eyes lit up as the fan held up his Bobblehead and handed it over. He said thank you (we all did), but the fan simply smiled and said "Go Blazers", and headed on his way.

So, random stranger, thanks for making our night. No team's fans will always be well behaved, but you gave us a reminder of the kindness and generousness of Blazer fans.

How about you? What makes Portland fans special and unique? What have you experienced that made you think, "we have the best fans in the world"?

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