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Damian Lillard and Kawhi Leonard: When Will They Peak?

Dave Deckard of and J.R. Wilco of talk Trail Blazers and Spurs, last year's playoffs, the draft, hot young stars, and more!

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Since our weekly content plan got disrupted by yesterday's discussion of women in the sports culture, I figured one more disruption wouldn't hurt much. This one is pleasant!

As longer-term readers know, J.R. Wilco of Blazersedge's sister site Pounding the Rock often stops by to chat with us about the progress of the San Antonio Spurs and our Portland Trail Blazers. Normally this happens during the season, but this summer J.R. found a nifty conversation tool that allows us to chat in real time and post it on our respective sites. Like a kid with a new Spiderman Tricycle he just had to show it off to his neighbors. Those neighbors happen to be us. So here we are.

Below is a conversation between Wilco and yours truly, covering the aftermath of the 2014 NBA playoffs, the draft, young stars on both of our teams, and much more. The discussion is well along, giving you plenty of content to chew on, but it's not done yet. Tune in to this post over the next few days to see it progress more. Throw in your own questions using our comment section if you wish. Or just debate the stuff we're talking about. Either way, it's always fun to have J.R. by and hear his perspective. It'll be even more fun now that you can help shape the conversation!

You can also head over to the twin post on Pounding the Rock to join their version of the conversation.