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Portland Trail Blazers: Rebounding, Defense, and the Best Blue-Collar Workers

Honor Labor Day by reminiscing about the best blue-collar players in Portland Trail Blazers history and in the league today.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

To honor Labor Day we want to engage in an annual tradition, this year with a twist!

1. We want to know who your favorite blue-collar player in the history of the Trail Blazers franchise and why. Tell us how you define "blue collar" and why your particular player embodies the definition.

2. Tell us who on the current team has the best chance to become an all-time blue-collar great.

3. Name one player from the current NBA that you'd like to see join the Trail Blazers for the ultimate blue-collar work ethic infusion.

Enjoy the discussion!

--Dave / @DaveDeckard

P.S. Mailbag's coming tomorrow so if you have any burning questions, send them to the e-mail address after my name.