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Portland Trail Blazers: Best Trade Possibilities

Blazersedge Readers create their best trade scenarios involving Portland's bench players.

Christian Petersen

For all the moving and grooving the Trail Blazers have done this off-season--or perhaps because of the lack of same--potential trade scenarios keep pouring into the Mailbag inbox. Since everybody seems to have a take, I'm going to invite you to lay out your best proposal in the comments today. Here's the exercise at hand:

1. Fold any three non-starters into the strongest trade package you can design. Which trio do you think has the highest trade value on the open market.

2. Who's the best player (or set of players) you could envision getting for that package of three? Would you need to tweak your proposal to meet the needs of your particular trading partner?

3. What misgivings, if any, would you have about your deal? Would you actually consummate it if the other team was amenable?

Remember, no starters can be involved in this deal. We're strictly talking three bench guys for 1 or more players in return.

Have at it and have fun!

--Dave / @DaveDeckard