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Your Brush With Greatness: Which Blazers Have You Met?

Tell your story about your encounters with the Blazers!

Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

Now that the new guys have kept us busy all week, it's time for a short topic for the community this Friday!

Earlier this week, Blazer's Edge reader Visionary2 wrote about his encounter with Zach Randolph on a flight from Portland to Atlanta. It's a fun read, and quite prescient, considering the planned topic for this week's community column:

Which Blazers have you met in person around town, and what was your experience?

Everyone is fair game, whether it's a player, coach, or broadcaster. What were the circumstances around meeting them? Were they they cool or aloof? Did you get an autograph?

There are no awards here, but nonetheless, the person who has a story about the oldest Blazer wins! There must be some stories out there from the '70s. Tell everyone your story in the comments!

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