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Damian Lillard Sits, Team USA Beats Puerto Rico 112-86

Al Bello

[Note: I spent most of this game watching The Simpsons marathon instead, as I quickly realized Lillard wasn't playing. This may influence my update.]

UPDATE: As multiple reports state that Team USA will announce cuts tomorrow, Damian Lillard watched tonight's game between Team USA and Puerto Rico from the bench. Doh. Meanwhile, James Harden looked like Krusty The Clown out there, hamming it up after every whistle. In the second half Team USA eventually pulled away for the win, likely crediting Stupid Sexy Flanders.

In all seriousness, unless something comes up with Derrick Rose, it's very possible Damian Lillard is on the cut list tomorrow. Team USA is expected to cut 2, 3, or 4 people, depending on their remaining concerns. They can do another cut round later, if necessary.

Blazer's Edge will have updates tomorrow after the cuts take place. -- Tim


Today, Damian Lillard and Team USA take on Puerto Rico. The game starts at 4pm on ESPN2. There are rumors of cuts happening tomorrow, so this game may tell us a lot about Damian's status.

Dave recaps the rules below!

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