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How Did You Become A Portland Trail Blazers Fan?

Let's go back in time to the origins: How did you pick the Blazers as your team?

Craig Mitchelldyer-USA TODAY Sports

After a week of researching every old player and team from the Portland Trail Blazers (thanks to last week's Blazer's Edge All-Time Draft), a person can't help but get a little philosophical. I have so many memories of the Blazers stored up over the years. I remember the famous Billy Ray Bates buzzer-beater. I remember Audie Norris "pulling a Lillard" against another Texas team in 1985, to move the Blazers into the second round, long before Damian was born.

I remember Jim Paxson blossoming into an All-Star, then just as quickly falling behind the rising Clyde Drexler. Of course, I remember the slow development then sudden rise of the Drexler-Porter-Kersey team. And most of all, I remember all of this through the voice of Bill Schonely over an AM clock radio. The old fashioned kind of course, not a digital one. It was appointment-listening, all the way through the post-game interviews and the call-in show.

I remember seeing a few games at the old Memorial Coliseum. A few times I was sitting on those little wood-bench seats at the top row of the 300 level. But it didn't matter. It was always a good day when you could see the Blazers live, and there was truly no bad seat in the house.

But there's one thing missing from my mind: I don't remember why I started watching. I don't remember one player, one game, one moment that turned me into a lifelong fan.

So maybe all of you can jog my memory by talking about how each of you became a Blazer fan. It doesn't matter if you're a new fan, or a long-time one:

What drew you to the Portland Trail Blazers? Was it a specific game? An indelible Moment? A transcendent (or perhaps pedestrian!) player?

Heck, are some of you new here at Blazer's Edge specifically because Damian Lillard gave you a moment you'll never forget?

Give us your story about what lit the flame of your Trail Blazers fandom, and don't forget to rec your favorites!