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Damian Lillard vs. Lance Stephenson in 1-on-1 Tournament

Blazer fans get the chance to vote for Damian Lillard in a 1-on-1 Tournament against Lance Stephenson.

Ethan Miller

Sister site Pounding the Rock has initiated a huge 1-on-1 Tournament pitting various NBA players against each other. Portland's shining hope is young superstar Damian Lillard, currently matched up against Lance Stephenson in the first round. Blazer fans know what to do about that, I presume?

Here's the link to the matchup page. Ethically I can't tell you how to vote or anything like that, but let's just say that for these purposes, Lance Stephenson is a putz and, well, the link's right there. Perhaps you can convince Pounding the Rock that they might as well give Lillard a bye next time?

--Dave / @DaveDeckard