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Adidas Unveils "Crazylight Boost" Sneakers For Blazers G Damian Lillard

Adidas has unveiled the new "Crazylight Boost" sneakers for Portland Trail Blazers guard Damian Lillard.


Adidas unveiled the new "Crazylight Boost" sneakers for Portland Trail Blazers guard Damian Lillard on Sunday.

The shoes aren't an official signature for Lillard, but they sport a "Wildcat print," a nod to his NCAA days at Weber State University. The sneaker design is heavy on purple, red and black, mixing the colors for Weber State and Portland. In one of the detail shots below, you can see "DAME" lettering that incorporates Adidas's "3 Stripes" logo.

Lillard, who is in Las Vegas for USA Basketball training camp this week, showed off the shoes at an event on Sunday morning.

The shoes are equipped with Adidas's new "Boost" technology, which is also incorporated in an update to Chicago Bulls guard Derrick Rose's signature shoe, the "D Rose 5 Boost."

Here's more information from an Adidas press release. Below, find a bunch of images of Lillard's latest kicks. More (and larger) images of the sneakers can be viewed right here.

adidas today introduced its game-changing Boost cushioning technology to basketball with the all-new Crazylight Boost and D Rose 5 Boost performance basketball shoes. Boost is an industry-first cushioning technology designed to deliver maximum energy return, responsiveness and comfort to players.

"Having the Boost cushioning in my new signature shoe makes it the most favorite of mine that we've ever done," said Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose. "I've played in them for a couple months, but every time I put them on it feels like a new shoe and it's the most comfortable shoe I've ever worn. Now, I can't imagine playing without Boost in my shoes."

True to adidas' mission to make athletes better, Boost features innovative material made up of thousands of capsules that help store and release energy efficiently as athletes perform. The Crazylight Boost will be available Aug. 1 for $140 while the D Rose 5 Boost will drop Oct. 16 for $160.

"Boost compliments my style of play unlike any other shoe," Portland Trail Blazers NBA All-Star point guard Damian Lillard said. "The immediate comfort you feel when you put on Boost is amazing, and it lasts until the moment you take it off. When you're an athletic guard in the league, you're constantly coming down hard over the top of big guys or when you get fouled. With Boost, it's a lot less impact and more cushioning on my heels."

Boost basketball technology underwent comprehensive testing for over a year with top NCAA and NBA players. All athletes competed through high performance drills and game simulations and gave universally positive feedback, consistently preferring the Boost version of a shoe compared to an EVA alternative.

"Boost is a groundbreaking development, not just for adidas Basketball but for athletes across all sports," said Robbie Fuller, adidas advanced footwear concept designer. "The Crazylight Boost and D Rose 5 Boost shoes combine to bring our most innovative basketball footwear to the court to truly transform the way the game is played."














Lillard also was featured alongside Rose in a promotional video touting the new "Boost" technology.

Back in April, Lillard inked a lucrative, long-term extension with Adidas.

Adidas released Rookie of the Year sneakers for Lillard last year and unveiled "Rose City" shoes for Lillard in March. The company also offered black-and-red All-Star sneakers for Lillard in New Orleans back in February.

-- Ben Golliver | | Twitter