How About Mo Williams For One Mo Year?

Dallas just signed Jameer Nelson with their Room Exception. That closes the door on Mo Williams in Dallas. What about a 1-Year deal here?

Dallas is $3M over the cap with no exceptions left. Cleveland is now over the cap. So where does Mo go now that his options are starting to dry up?

Could Mo be ready to take a 1 year deal for $3M to play backup SG for us, and be our insurance PG if Dame or Blake is injured?

It’s the kind of move that contending teams make to be able to bring proven vets off the bench to find a hot hand on any given night. And it provides backup for injuries during the year. I’d see Mo in more of a Vinnie Johnson Microwave type role than last year. He'd have a much shorter leash. If he starts out hot in either half, he plays on. If not, he gets yanked after 5-6 minutes. He'd have to buy-in, but at this stage of his career he might be up for the pressure and the challenge.

Our veteran bench would be Kaman, Mo, Blake, and Wright, with TRob/Freeland getting a few backup Big minutes. Most affected of course would be Blake, CJ and Barton.

The nominal minutes could be something like Blake 12 minutes at backup PG. Then Wes 22 minutes at starting SG and 12 minutes at backup SF. That would leave Mo up to 26 minutes at backup SG. But if he’s not hot, then we can use Wright at backup SF and quickly slide Wes back to SG. Or leave Wright on the bench and give CJ or Barton the minutes at backup SG if either of them are playing better than Wright. And it still doesn’t preclude the possibility of a breakout year for CJ or Barton eventually taking over Mo’s job.

It puts the pressure on Terry to manage the personalities and get everyone on the same page. But when you have the personnel, that’s often the difference between good teams and contending teams.

I don't even know if I like the idea, but its intriguing. When can you have too much offense off the bench?