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All's Quiet On Blazers' Front Before 2014 NBA Draft

Reports indicate the Portland Trail Blazers are headed for a low-key 2014 NBA Draft night.


If a solid month without any meaty Portland Trail Blazers rumors wasn't enough to convince you that the organization is headed for a quiet 2014 NBA Draft, a pair of reports this week reinforced the notion.

Chris Haynes of reported on Twitter...

Blazers chances of obtaining pick in draft extremely diminutive, I'm told. Day of draft could present opportunities, but highly unlikely.

With hearty dose of young players on roster that require development, Blazers adding another young prospect could stagnate team's progress.

Joe Freeman of The Oregonian reported...

The Blazers are poised to do something far more unusual this year: Nothing.

The Blazers do not own a pick in the 2014 NBA draft, and baring an unexpected trade, they will be spectators on Thursday during one of league's busiest and most anticipated annual events.

It would be just the third time in franchise history the Blazers, who did not draft a player in 1998 and 1999, failed to make a selection on draft night.

What's more, Chad Ford of made it through an entire chat on Wednesday without mentioning the Blazers once.

Buzz-wise, there has been precious little going around. Some chatter about Mo Williams' up-in-the-air future has really been the only thing popping so far this week. Otherwise, crickets, just as you might expect for a team without any draft picks and with most of its roster spots already filled.

One other telling sign: for the first time since I've covered the Blazers, there are no plans to host the media at the practice facility on Draft night.

Add it all up, and the Blazers will do absolutely, positively nothing during Thursday's Draft.

(Yes, the whole point of this post was to jinx the team into doing something.)

Whether that jinx works or not, Timmay! will be hosting a discussion thread for Thursday's festivities, so be sure to swing by.

-- Ben Golliver | | Twitter