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A Proposed Trade Between the Portland Trail Blazers and Philadelphia 76'ers

Michael Levin from proposes a trade between the Portland Trail Blazers and Philadelphia 76'ers. Would you go for it?

Steve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports

Our good friend Michael Levin from Liberty Ballers sends a proposal Portland's way today. Take a look...

Hey Dave, I know we've discussed a possible Thad Young trade before, and since it seems like the Sixers will move Thad on draft night, the Blazers crept into my mind as a possible destination. Thad, were he to stay, would opt out of his contract after next season. So the Sixers have only incentive to trade him, even though he's a great player and an extremely high character guy.

I know Sam Hinkie was interested in CJ McCollum before last year's draft, so any potential deal would likely include him. Thomas Robinson has long been a favorite of Liberty Ballers dating back to his less useful days, and Meyers Leonard seems like a big chunk of man that needs a sculptor with more time and leniency to carve something useful out of him. I'm also personally a member of the Trill Barton fan club. Any combination of those last three in addition to McCollum would pass my test on a Thad trade. Who would you be willing to part with?"

For the salary-inclined, Thaddeus Young makes $8.85 million this year. The Sixers aren't bound by salary restrictions but the Blazers would have to send out at least $5.8 million in salary to make any such deal work.

Of the players Michael mentioned, Thomas Robinson makes $3.5 million, C.J. McCollum makes $2.3 million, Meyers Leonard makes $2.2 million, and Will Barton makes $800,000.

For those wanting to dig their heels in and offer other players, especially if three are included from Portland's end, Dorell Wright makes $3 million, Joel Freeland makes $2.9 million, Victor Claver earns $1.3 million, and Allen Crabbe makes $800,000 like Barton. Note that you'd certainly have to give the Sixers McCollum plus either Robinson or Barton if you want to take a third person off this list. I don't think McCollum, Leonard, and a third substitute will float Michael's boat.

What, if any, permutations of this offer would interest you? Let us know below.

--Dave / @DaveDeckard