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Blazer's Edge Challenge: Tiering the 2014 NBA Draft

Here's your chance, draft junkies: How would you tier the prospects in the first round of the 2014 NBA draft?

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This week's Friday discussion is all about the 2014 NBA Draft. This may shock many of you, but apparently the Draft is this Thursday, the 26th. Like some of you, I forgot the draft is happening, since the Blazers don't have any picks, and I still have this moment playing in a loop inside my head:

Nonetheless, the draft is quickly approaching, and it's no secret we have plenty of draft junkies here at Blazer's Edge. So let's have some fun.

A common method of ranking draft picks is to use a tiering system. Not familiar with draft tiers? The web site NBA Draft Tiers has great, quick introduction: What are Draft Tiers?

They break it down into more detail, but for our purposes, their basic tiers are perfect.

1. Franchise Players
2. All-Stars
3. Starters
4. Glue Guys
5. Bench Players at best

So, draft gurus, have at it. A few things to consider:

- Rank 'em! Separate the 30 or so first round prospects into the above tiers.

- How does Joel Embiid's unexpected injury and surgery play a role in the tier selections?

- Pretend you're the Blazers' General Manager. If you are willing to trade a Blazer to get into this draft, what player would you trade, and what tier would be reasonable compensation?

And don't forget to hang out at Blazer's Edge for Draft Night! Even if the Blazers don't make any moves, we'll still have the usual draft coverage, including our annual Gameday Thread. I'll be starting the festivities at 4pm, and Cleveland will have the first pick at around 4:35 pm.

Have an idea for a Friday community discussion? Send an e-mail to Tim with the subject "Discussion", and a few paragraphs you'd like me to post. I'll pick a few to post this summer!

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