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Game 1 Final: Spurs Demolish Blazers 116-92, Lead Series 1-0

The San Antonio Spurs outplayed and outclassed the Portland Trail Blazers from the opening tip of the 2014 Conference Semifinals. The Blazers will have to regroup and recover before Game 2 Thursday, while the fans recover from the on-court "worst case scenario" night.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

The game didn't start well for Portland, as they looked nervous and tentative, spotting the Spurs an 8-0 lead before taking a timeout. Portland settled down a bit, but still fell behind by 9 within minutes. Then 11, as Blazer fans got increasingly nervous. The Blazers just couldn't hit a shot, whether it be a jumper or a layup, starting 3-for-20. Soon the Spurs lead was an easy 15 points. A Tony Parker three-pointer off an offensive rebound made the score 27-12 as Blazer fans facepalmed at the start.. Portland was lucky to only be down 13 at the end of the quarter.

Portland quickly cut it to 10 in the second quarter. One minute later it was 16 again. It was that kind of night. San Antonio's bench pushed the lead to 21 as the Blazers simply looked like they didn't deserve to be on the same court. The Blazers gave up two offensive rebounds for a three-pointer, then a fast break bucket. They fell behind 58-32, then 65-39 at halftime. The Spurs looked focused and relaxed, and the Blazers looked lost at both ends.

Portland cut the lead to 21 to open the third and looked to-- never mind. 29 point lead a few minutes later. Portland started getting the benefit of the doubt on foul calls, but were otherwise missing the rim on midrange jumpers. They were lucky to only be down 90-65 after the third.

Nothing important happened in the fourth. The Spurs took care of business as expected, and Blazers Coach Terry Stotts subbed in his bench to finish the game.

Box Score

What's Next

Both teams get a day off in San Antonio, and play Game 2 Thursday evening.

In the meantime, stay tuned for plenty of postgame analysis from Dave Deckard and Ben Golliver.

Gameday Thread Comments of the Night!

# Recs Commenter Comment Link
41 Dave Deckard FIRST!
20 streebgreebling Spurs fan here...may the best team win!
19 Dave Deckard First person to delete that
18 Timmay! I really should have posted this on BE over the weekend (Zach was like "why didn't you write a post??")
17 Dave Deckard Their toast sucks!
16 Roy Wonder Over/under on how long it takes for the chorus of "SA is such an awesome, classy team and organization" to transform into "What a disgusting bunch of floppers!"
15 Timmay! BOOOOOOOOOO (rec)
14 illumined From what I've heard I would say Austin is.
14 Timmay! Since writing that, I checked ESPN's live broadcast
12 Dave Deckard You know what would be an even more fun surprise?
10 Timmay! At least we're not dealing with trolls from San Antonio
10 thankyouforblaze Q: What do you call a good-looking girl on the University of Houston campus?
10 thankyouforblaze Second round y'all -- How sweet it is! And yet the victory will be even sweeter!
9 Dave Deckard Because we try to be a fair and comprehensibly-analyzed site
9 nawesemo Guys I'm sad.
8 thankyouforblaze The fans at PoundingTheRock are pretty cool guys, so I almost feel bad that we're gonna kick their team's @$$ tonight!
8 Dave Deckard Chicken Fried Steak
8 Blazin' in NE Mess with Texas!!!!
7 Dave Deckard That would be
7 Corvid [no title]
7 Roy Wonder Wouldn't they make it hot and humid while having said love child?
6 illumined The one downside to beating Houston is that we won't have a chance for another Manu-Harden double flop
5 Timmay! [no title]
5 Timmay! Hilariously enough, rule #2 in the top post is "no pictures". :)
5 colbymac [no title]
5 GoldnerPDX Spurs fan here
4 BobbysGross I didn't think we'd sweep anyway.....
4 Bradley James McEachern I just don't know how were going to beat the Spurs, I really don't
4 GossamerSD Also...
4 Timmay! Nothing against you personally, but it looks so classless when leading by 25.
4 Ptblazerfan me too...
4 TrooperJoe73 School is forever
3 Timmay! Uh-oh. Barkley likes us.
3 anupam Because your Rockets aren't the Spurs.
3 solid_soup Who am I to argue with a Spurs fan about basketball?
3 Timmay! Spurs play D and share the ball.
3 Roadblazer niether have the Blazers
3 annthefan He was awful, he is awful, he will always be awful.
3 jenstcy If you are going to allow only one pic, I think that pic should be of kitties!!!!!!!
3 Blazing Chargers They're good people.
3 TheOdenator52 Go Portland Trail Blazers!!!
3 annthefan Does that mean we can cuss?
3 onclecliffy 15 more Ginoboli techs and we're right back in this.
3 jenstcy You know what has me worried?
3 Timmay! We're all sittin' in gravy!
3 Eat Politicians Hello
3 axel360 When is the Globetrotters-Generals ending and the Blazers-Spurs starting?
3 MiledAnimal I don't like Kobe either.
3 bustabucket Go Blazers!
3 TheOdenator52 Blazers catch fire from 3-Point land tonight going 15 of 26 from downtown and WIN 116 to 109!