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Update on Autoplaying Videos

Announcement: Here's what to do if videos autoplay on the site.

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

It's come to our attention that some videos on site are autoplaying. I, myself, have had this happen when accessing the site through a mobile device. If this is happening to you, please attend to the following carefully:

1. THIS IS A BUG with the platform. It is not an intentional decision on our part. Please do not write accusing us of trying to get more hits on the videos and such. In fact it's a good general rule to assume the best about our intentions in any given situation, because that's what we've always given you and that's what we always will. We will not intentionally autoplay video or audio on our site. If this is happening, something is wrong.

2. YOU CANNOT ADDRESS THIS BUG by writing me, Timmay, or other site staff alone. We do not control the technical aspects of the platform. Naturally we always want to be kept abreast of what's going on, so we do appreciate the heads up. But unless you also get the issue in front of the correct eyes, your writing efforts will have been semi-wasted. (As opposed to writing while semi-wasted, which brings up its own set of bugs...)

3. THE WAY TO ADDRESS THIS ISSUE IS TO WRITE TO: Please include our site name, your operating system and browser (or what kind of mobile device you're using), plus the time and general description of the incident including what, if anything, appears to trigger it.

Hopefully this addresses the situation. Please refer fellow readers to this post as the subject comes up. And please bear with us as we get this issue fixed. I know first-hand how frustrating it can be.

--Dave (