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Blazer's Edge Summer Coverage Update

Hot things afoot for our summer coverage! Read on to discover the new wrinkles in the Summer of 2014!

Steve Dykes

Happy holiday weekend everyone! Hope you're enjoying time with friends and family and that you're able to reflect on everything you want to reflect upon during this break.

Now that we've wound down from the playoff high, I thought I should update you on our coverage plans for the summer. Obviously we'll be following the draft (maybe even throwing in a few twists to make it interesting for the Blazers), Summer League, and the free agency period as usual. July will bring some of the most important decisions this franchise had made since the Greg Oden draft and we'll be right on top of it all.

But that's old news...standard operating procedure around here. The new development is how much coverage and how many thoughtful pieces you're going to see this summer. Blazer's Edge is newer, bigger, and hopefully better than ever before.

I'll still be doing a piece most every morning, Monday through Friday. In addition, you'll be getting afternoon articles from our staff. Chris Lucia, Sam Tongue, Dane Carbaugh, Sagar Trika, and even Timmay will intersperse their posts between my thoughts and Ben's news. Sam and Sagar are even taking over on weekends, so you'll have new material then too. When you throw in Videocasts and Podcasts, plus breaking news, you're getting roughly triple the coverage you were just two summers ago.

The parade of goodness kicks off this afternoon with Chris Lucia's first summer piece and it'll continue on through all the weeks ahead. We hope you enjoy it.

--Dave (