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Game 5 Final: Spurs Finish Blazers 104-82, Win Series 4-1

The Portland Trail Blazers' charmed season came to an end tonight with a road loss to the San Antonio Spurs in Game 5 of the 2014 Conference Semifinals. The Spurs won despite the loss of Tony Parker, who left with an injury in the first half.

Chris Covatta

The game had a very familiar start, as the Blazers couldn't find the net, while giving up easy shots and offensive rebounds. But the Blazers hung close, as the Spurs weren't quite as hot from the field as previous games. Portland took off on an 8-0 run to take a 3 point lead, but San Antonio settled down and regained the lead, but Will Barton and Thomas Robinson combined to tie it at 19 as the quarter came to an end.

The Spurs had their usual second-quarter surge despite the disappearance of Tony Parker. Their lead reached 9 at the halfway point. Then the wheels came off, just like in Games 1-3, as San Antonio simply dominated to take a fairly easy 15 point lead. Again. But the Blazers struck back late, closing the deficit to 7 with a late run heading into halftime.

With word coming from the locker room that Parker was done for the night, Portland took advantage by promptly giving up 8 straight points to open the quarter. The Blazers looked unprepared, giving up loose balls and easy layups. Again. Soon the Spurs lead was 18, and Game 5 looked incredibly familiar. Regardless of Parker's status, Portland just didn't have enough against the well-oiled Spurs machine, and they easily dominated the quarter to finish with a 14 point lead.

It didn't take long for San Antonio to push the lead to 20 over the clearly out-played Blazers. Then it was 23. This script was well-known, and soon the players were simply playing out the string, as the Blazers' starters heads lowered, their shoulders slumped, and the minutes clicked down on their season. The bench finished off one of the most unexpected seasons in Blazer history.

Box Score

It's over. [pauses and sighs] You know I'm glad. I need the rest.
-- Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard, "The Fugitive (1993)"

What's Next

Big sigh. The long night that is the offseason begins, effective immediately. But before the season, would you really have complained if it ended on May 14th?

Stay tuned though. Ben is onsite with a Media Row Report, and Dave will have plenty of analysis later as well.

Gameday Thread Comments of the Night!

Thanks to everyone who hung out in this season's Gameday Threads! As we close up for the season (until draft night, then free agency, then Summer League...), here's a look at tonight's most popular comments, based on number of recs:

# Recs Commenter Comment Link
14 MiledAnimal Follow me here.
11 T Darkstar (Clap, Clap, Clap-clap-clap!)
11 T Darkstar Let's go Blazers!
9 ParticleAccelerator [no title]
9 annthefan I'm sorry in advance but I've gotta do it.
8 Roy Wonder Gonna be a rift between Kerr and Curry.
8 Mortimer WIN WIN WIN WIN
7 Roy Wonder Red unis tonight.
7 T Darkstar This has been a great season.
7 Roy Wonder Illuminati!
6 MiledAnimal Way to shoot your wad, Mortimer.
6 KingWes Blazers haven't lost a second round playoff series in 14 years
5 Mortimer State Farm could save money on FX if they'd let the Lopez bros. in the commercials
5 Moosen PDX So did everyone hear that the Trail Blazers of Portland are playing a game of basketball tonight?
5 RipCityLifer! I totally followed you there. Nice.
5 MiledAnimal It's algebra or calculus or something.
5 Corvid Stotts pulling a Pop?
5 MiledAnimal I knew not everyone would get it.
4 Timmay! We got outplayed this series. We'll upgrade this offseason.
4 Honka Playboy actually, less panicky fans
4 annthefan I love this team soooooooo much.
4 KingWes It triples in size at the end?
4 Mortimer Imagine if he played basketball tho
4 Bib Fortuna What you did there, saw it I did.
3 Roy Wonder Mmm, pierogies.
3 Mortimer Oh no what are they doing??????
3 Oh. Em. Gee. Stan van Undies
3 colbymac [no title]
3 T Darkstar Let's Go Blazers!
3 Timmay! [no title]
3 colbymac [no title]
3 TheOdenator52 Definitely not from ESPN
3 Blazing Chargers SLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK.
3 Quantifiable Bladderhorns Am I the only person who thinks Popovich is a better coach than Phil Jackson?
3 allthebacon FIFY
3 axel360 [no title]
3 Mortimer Is it gonna be 12 minutes of people saying GAME? and Dagger?
3 Blazing Chargers Have Sub Zero pay you a visit.
3 twss giggle
3 annthefan Go Portland Trail Blazers!!!