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Game 4 Final: Blazers Beat Spurs 103-92, Trail Series 3-1

In a completely different game from the first three, the Portland Trail Blazers led the San Antonio Spurs for the majority of the night. As the Spurs' starters watched from the bench, the Blazers took care of business and booked their flight back to Texas.

Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

The first quarter was an improvement for Blazer fans. San Antonio missed shots, and Portland hit plenty, which covered for their penchant for handing the Spurs the ball repeatedly. The turnovers cost them heavily when Patty Mills' back to back three's gave the Spurs the lead. But Portland recovered with a late run to hold a 5 point lead after the first quarter. But the Spurs had been dominant in the second quarter, and this one started no differently, as every shot found the bottom of the net. Meanwhile, it was the usual Blazer shooting issues. But Will Barton caught fire off the bench to keep the Blazers in the lead as the starters returned. The teams fought back and forth in front of a crowd that poured all their energy into every shot. And to the shock of possibly the entire NBA, Portland led at halftime. By two, but that counts.

The Blazers came out of the locker room energized, keeping them in the lead. However, they struggled to hit open shots, and it prevented a larger lead. A Batum four-point play pushed the lead to a series-high 8, and followed it up with another three for an 11 point lead. Then Lillard for three, 14 point lead. A Barton layup on the break completed a 14-3 run to push the lead to 15. As the quarter closed down, Portland shut down San Antonio, and took a 17 point lead into the fourth quarter.

As the fourth opened, here come the Spurs, as they scored 4 quick points to cut the lead back to 13. But Lillard scored 5 straight points to push it to 18. As the San Antonio starters rode the bench, a Lillard layup made it 20. However, he committed two consecutive turnovers to keep things close. San Antonio's bench closed to within 11, but only 90 seconds remained in the game, and the game was soon in the books.

The Blazers were led by Damian Lillard's 25 points and 5 assists, LaMarcus Aldridge's 19 points, and Will Barton's 17 points and 6 rebounds off the bench. Nicolas Batum had a huge night with 14 points, 14 rebounds and 8 assists.

Box Score

What's Next

Another game! Wednesday night the teams play Game 5 in San Antonio.

But stay tuned tonight for lots of analysis from Dave, then Ben's Media Row Report.

Gameday Thread Comments of the Night!

# Recs Commenter Comment Link
18 nesty So proud.
17 annthefan [no title]
16 hoodieNation let's win 4 in a row... for Timmay!
16 cam503 Go Portland Trail Blazers, the first team in NBA history to overcome a 3 - 0 deficit!!!!
9 ParticleAccelerator I can't ever imagine Duncan is constipated. He's at the right place at the right time, and when that crap wants to come out he's ready.
8 T Darkstar I'll watch KingWes eat silverware to help the Blazers win.
8 occassia GO BLAZERS!!!
8 pdxthomastran A chant I heard two guys yell:
7 williamswonder Go Trail Blazers!!
7 RoodiePhirnandizz [no title]
7 tiedyesteve I believe the Blazers can win tonight.
7 conspirator5 Go Portland Trail Blazers!!!
6 RoodiePhirnandizz SNAKE KARMA
5 Honka Playboy TRIMET DOIN WORK!
5 Honka Playboy someone photoshop Mo Williams head onto a TriMet driver's body
4 Mantre7179 Will Barton: Wacky awkward stuff doer.
4 ParticleAccelerator Just like how nobody had the name "Zilex". And then there was you.
4 Berkeley THIS IS A MUST WIN GAME !!!!!!!
4 occassia Guys? We are up by 5
4 Mantre7179 lol
4 ParticleAccelerator And it was an intentional flinch in an attempt to pull off a sweet disco move.
4 lightskin350 21 bench points for us is equal to someone winning the powerball.
3 Honka Playboy they just mentioned how great you look pantless
3 Mantre7179 [no title]
3 djrick BEAT S.A.! BEAT S.A.! BEAT S.A.! BEAT S.A.! BEAT S.A.! BEAT S.A.! BEAT S.A.! BEAT S.A.!
3 KingWes We're 3-0 in second halves in this series
3 T Darkstar I don't eat a burrito today, and we lead at the half!
3 BaylessFace Kawhi definitely gives me that "Spur-inflation" feeling
3 Honka Playboy which rockets had faith in their coach?
3 Mortimer It's why we drafted him
3 occassia Fermenting.
3 illumined I must say this is probably the most complete game I've seen from TRob so far
3 annthefan I've decided Will Barton is my new Travis Outlaw. I love him unconditionally.
3 Reasonable Approximation DRIVIN' MISS DAMEY
3 iamBlackout Wow!
3 Hars-Bars lets keep Will
3 rise_stand_resist You could put Will against everyone in the Moda Center and he'd still drive the lane.
3 ParticleAccelerator He could go the wrong way on I-5 and still get to work on time.
3 djrick He's the master of banking it off the side of bowl.
3 illumined Am I dreaming? Are we ahead and not down 20?
3 ParticleAccelerator I'm glad Stotts has eschewed the "fart in Parker's general direction" defense.
3 bustabucket It'd be nice for the fans in the arena and us at home to see a great team win at home.
3 Timmay! I'd rather see SAS in the Finals than OKC
3 DarrentheBlazerHawk rec party tonite
3 ParticleAccelerator TWSS
3 lightskin350 he has a hair appointment in the morning.
3 RipCityLifer! didn't you see Dame's shirt?