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Game 3 Final: Spurs Dismantle Blazers Again, 118-103, Lead Series 3-0

For the third straight game, the Portland Trail Blazers were dominated from tip to buzzer by the San Antonio Spurs. The Spurs now lead the series 3-0, a likely insurmountable mountain for the Blazers to climb.

Steve Dykes

Game 3 started very similarly to the first two: Spurs dominance. As the crowd groaned, the Spurs easily jumped ahead by 7 points. Portland had some fight in them, taking a brief lead, but the Spurs promptly scored 8 points in response to restore their 7 point lead. They led by 10 as the quarter closed, then promptly went on their usual second quarter run, dominating the Blazer bench (minus the injured Mo Williams) to take a 16 point lead. Then 20. The Blazers were getting out-played at both ends, and increasingly had that "we're just happy to be here" look. They tried to make a run, then committed repeated turnovers to find themselves down 20 again. They weren't playing well on offense, they were getting exposed on defense, and Aldridge picked up his third foul. And Tony Parker hit another three for a 23 point lead. Victor Claver came into the game, and immediately missed three consecutive free throws. Portland's last two possessions of the half involved a terribly bricked three-pointer and a turnover. They were lucky to be within 20 going into the locker room.

Portland came out ready to give it one more run, and cut the Spurs lead to 10 in the first four minutes. Matthews cut the deficit to single digits, and Batum sliced it to 7 with a fadeaway. But the Blazers airballed a three-pointer, missed a layup, made more mistakes and the Spurs settled down. They led by 14 going into the fourth quarter, when former Blazer Patty Mills hit a three-pointer. Suddenly all that work was vanishing and the Spurs lead was 17 again. The Blazers kept pushing, and the Spurs always had the answer. The Blazers started committing frustration fouls, but were finding ways to commit those fouls so softly, they still let the Spurs score. The Blazers dug deep and made one last-ditch run, but it was too late. All that was left was for the Blazers and their fans to wonder what might have been, and stare at a 0-3 series deficit.

Box Score

What's Next

Very possibly the end of the season, in Portland Monday night against these Spurs. Perhaps they'll start missing shots. Don't get your hopes up.

Gameday Thread Comments of the Night!

# Recs Commenter Comment Link
11 stevens I had strict parents.
9 NWildside Go Blazers!!!!
9 FanSinceThisMorning I'm Trying Desperately To Imagine Timmy At a Strip Club
8 JayBlazerFan Release
8 pixelpusher The People's Champ
8 DoctorBlazer12 The hero tonight will NOT be Lillard or Aldridge.
7 bustabucket Claver has been freed!!
7 BlazersConga Watch Pop put in some dude called Manolo Noname and stop Dame from making those easy layops
6 MiledAnimal I posted this in the frenemy thread but I figure it deserves a reprise after this first half.
6 Eugene Saxe Relevancy: DENIED
5 Rasheed's Lament Curse you BlazersEdge ...
5 Showtime14 Is anyone seriously suggesting that we didn't come back into this because of the refs?
5 CroRupt let's not blame the refs
5 twinsbrewer OMG get that checked out ASAP
5 FanSinceThisMorning Some Jokes Write Themselves
4 PDXLink Go Portland Trail Blazers!!!
4 FanSinceThisMorning [no title]
4 GoBalzers Go Blazers!
4 Moosen PDX crazy Texans and their nacho rain
4 Corwin71 Blaming the refs for what has gone on in this series
4 thankyouforblaze Luke Babbitt isn't on the squad anymore
4 T Darkstar Silly Spurs, it's Nacho Rain.
4 Sabonis4Ever Touched the game ball.
4 T Darkstar Biyombo isn't an excellent anything.
3 djrick Don't use "sniff" and "TP" in the same sentence, man!
3 javajams On the bright side...
3 axel360 Blazers, I hope
3 Timmay! Dude.
3 annthefan As Timmay will tell you, that term is unacceptable on so many levels.
3 illumined I don't get it, how did Dallas take these guys to 7 games?
3 Sean M Don't play guys all season so they are fresh for the Playoffs!
3 allthebacon James Harden's season is over now.
3 Threelittlebears CHAMPIONSHIP HERE WE COME!!!!!
3 RoodiePhirnandizz Russell Wilson at the Moda Center tonight
3 allthebacon In all fairness to Meyers it could also mean that someone's about to get body slammed.
3 T Darkstar Will Barton can bring some energy.
3 TrooperJoe73 I thought it was
3 KingWes The first true must win game in the last three years for Portland.
3 RipCityLifer! I'll allow it.
3 Timmay! Wasn't that a Prince song in the 80s?
3 Mantre7179 Go Trail Blazers!!
3 nascent Go Oregon Trail Blazers!!!
3 pklym In all honesty, Claver would not be a bad player to toss some minutes to tonight. He knows how to
3 occassia Excessive optimism FTW!!!
3 T Darkstar So that's what kids are calling it nowadays?
3 T Darkstar But that too usually happens after we gave up.
3 FanSinceThisMorning "So, What'd You Guys Do This Weekend?"