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Tylercomp Wins Blazersedge's 2014 NCAA Bracket Contest

Tylercomp of "Tyler's Terrific Bracket" has won Blazersedge's 2014 NCAA Bracket Challenge.

Ronald Martinez

Congratulation are in order for Blazersedge commenter Tylercomp, whose "Tyler's Terrific Bracket" lived up to its name by beating out nearly 300 people to win Blazersedge's 2014 NCAA Bracket Challenge.

As far as I can tell, not a single person in the entire field picked UConn, the eventual champion, to win it all. Oops.

Tylercomp had three of the Final Four correct -- Florida, Kentucky and Wisconsin -- and he correctly predicted that Kentucky would make the title game. He scored a total of 87 points, edging out MichaelB of "Mike's Magic Bracket," who finished with 84.

Tylercomp wins an gift card!

After a dominant opening weekend, my entry, "Thomas Robinson's Lunch Meat," fell from the top spot to the depths of the below-average.

-- Ben Golliver | | Twitter