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Portland Trail Blazers: Remembering Jack Ramsay and Rick Adelman

In this Videocast, Dave and Sam reflect on the impact of Jack Ramsay and Rick Adelman as they shaped Oregon's basketball culture.

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Today we Videocasters take a quick break from our playoff analysis and reflect on the end of an era for two Portland Trail Blazer greats.

On Monday, Dr. Jack Ramsay passed away at age 89. Last week, Rick Adelman retired from coaching at the age of 67. Though both coached in Portland during different eras, each had tremendous impact on the community, building a basketball culture both in the city and around the state.

Last season Dave wrote a piece as Ramsay retired from broadcasting, re-posted this morning. In it he encouraged you all to add any thoughts or stories. I'd encourage the same as you reflect on the tenures of these great coaches.  How did they change your experience as a Blazer fan in this tight-knit community?

Hope you enjoy: