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Portland Trail Blazers vs. Houston Rockets: From Game 1 to Game 2

In this Videocast, Dave and Sam cover a number of key topics about the Blazers' Game One victory, including the spectacular play of LaMarcus Aldridge, the importance of rebounding and, of course, the officiating.

Bob Levey

Greetings Blazer fans, and welcome the first Playoff edition of the Blazer's Edge Videocast.

Of the dozen story lines that have piled over the last 24 hours, Dave and Sam tackle some of the most important in this episode. Specifically, they discuss the brilliance of LaMarcus Aldridge, how rebounding will be a major key to victory, and what their expectations for Game Two will be.

Oh, they talk about the officiating too.

Send in any playoff- or offseason-related questions to and we'll get to them as we go along.