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Podium Recap: Blazers F LaMarcus Aldridge Reacts To 46 & 18 In Game 1 Vs. Rockets

Portland Trail Blazers All-Star forward LaMarcus Aldridge discusses his performance in Game 1 against the Houston Rockets.

Bob Levey

Portland Trail Blazers All-Star forward LaMarcus Aldridge had the performance of his life during a 122-120 overtime victory in Game 1 over the Houston Rockets on Sunday.

Here's Timmay's instant recap. Here's Dave's analysis. Here's post-game reaction from coach Terry Stotts and All-Star guard Damian Lillard.

Aldridge finished with 46 points (on 17-for-31 shooting), 18 rebounds, two assists and two blocks in 45 minutes before fouling out in overtime.

YouTube video via user Dawk Ins.

Aldridge set a postseason franchise record with his 46 points, which also marked his overall career-high, surpassing the 44 points he put up earlier this year. Click on the chart to enlarge.


Aldridge also joined select company league-wide. Here's a complete list of players who have gone 45/15 in a postseason game since 1986. Click on the chart to enlarge.


Here's a transcript of Aldridge's post-game comments.

What got into you tonight?

What type of question is that? It was just one of those nights. I got into a good rhythm. I started to feel good down low. I think my teammates and coaches did a good job of trying to find me down low. I was trying to lead tonight.

I thought every guy played great tonight. From the first to the last. Joel [Freeland] came in, hadn't played the whole game, he took some good fouls for us, made a big free throw for us. This [Rockets] team is good, so in order for us to win, we need everybody.

Carrying the team for stretches

Every guy on this team comes to me and they talk to me and they believe in me. They tell me I can dominate a game, the things that I can do. Always hearing that my teammates have my back, hearing those positive affirmations from them is always good for me. I've been here. I went through this process. I kind of understand it. Tonight, it's just one of those nights.

Damian Lillard said this was the most intense he's seen you. Missing playoffs last two years play a factor?

I made it three years in a row and you kind of get comfortable making it. I missed it two years in a row. Being back here, I'm excited about it. I'm looking forward to the challenge of playing better than I have in the past. I tried to tell every guy, that the playoffs are another level, another season. Tonight I wanted to lead in that way tonight. I think every guy felt I came ready to play.

Watching the last minute from the bench

That was difficult. That was a questionable last foul call on me because I didn't dip my shoulder and I didn't move. It's over with now. It was hard. I went to [Damian Lillard] and I said, 'Take it over.' He's a very confident guy, he's very skilled, he took over and he made big plays down the stretch.

Game of your life?

It's definitely up there on my list of good games. I did take the game ball again. I have another one for my collection. This is one of those games where I felt like I could show my team that I want to lead. It's one of those games where the Trail Blazers could try to show that we can come in and play good basketball.

Proud of teammates?

I'm really proud of them. Every guy fought. Every guy took it personal. Every guy took every match-up personal. I think that was my goal. Pre-game, I kept saying to take their match-up personal, Wes and Harden, Nico and Parsons, me and Dwight and me and Jones. I just wanted us to have that chip on our shoulder.

Franchise scoring record in a playoff game

It's an honor. It's surreal. I'm truly blessed. God gave me the energy and the ability tonight to play at the level I did. I'm truly blessed. It's an honor. I've been a Trail Blazers all my life so I want to try to break every record if I can.

Carry-over to Game 2

Every game is different. They're going to come back with different schemes. No one is going to let you do what you did the next game. I'm pretty sure they're going to change up some things and we have to watch film and try to be ready for anything they can bring, as far as fronting and bracketing, having Jones front me and Dwight behind me. That's a really good team, they're going to change it up.

You talked to Clyde Drexler before the game

When I walked by him, I said, 'I'm coming for you.' I meant in every stat possible. He said that I still have some work to do and that I can do it. I always joke with him that I can break all of his records.

Capturing home court

It's big. It was our goal to come in here and win this first one. Set the tone for the series, play better defense, try to make their looks tough and try to grind out a game. It's definitely what we wanted, we did it, we're not satisfied, we know there's going to be some tough games left and we have to keep working at it.

-- Ben Golliver | | Twitter