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Gameday Thread: NBA Monday Night!

Both Houston and Oklahoma City can lock in their seeds tonight, and we can start talking about first and second round matchups!

Andrew Richardson-USA TODAY Spor

UPDATE: Houston beat San Antonio, as the Spurs didn't bring their starters back for the fourth quarter. The Blazers are officially the 5th seed.


Ok folks, bonus Gameday Thread time. It's a big evening in the NBA, with plenty of implications for the Blazers.

- 5pm (NBA TV): Rockets vs. Spurs

The Spurs are playing for... well, nothing. Except pride, as Houston has won all their meetings this season. The Rockets are, of course, playing for home court advantage against Portland. The Blazers have played well enough to force Houston's hand, and they've already activated Dwight Howard and Patrick Beverley off the injured list, previously hoping they could rest until the playoffs.

The Rockets need just one win in their last two games to clinch the #4 seed and home court advantage over the Blazers. If they win tonight, writers everywhere will start prepping their series previews.

- Also 5pm (League Pass): Oklahoma City vs. New Orleans

How is this relevant to the Blazers? It's all about the Clippers. If Oklahoma City wins tonight, they clinch the #2 seed, and the Clippers would lock into the third seed. Should this happen, the Clippers will likely rest their players for Wednesday night's season finale against our Portland Trail Blazers. If the Rockets lose their last two games, this could flip home court advantage.

So in short, if you want the Blazers to have home court advantage over Houston in the first round, tonight you're rooting for San Antonio and (gag) Oklahoma City!

Have fun! -- Tim