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Final: Blazers Dump The Jazz, 111-99

The Portland Trail Blazers toyed with the Utah Jazz for 3 quarters, before Damian Lillard took over to seal a fairly easy victory, their 52nd of the season. It was their first-ever season sweep of the Jazz.

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

The Blazers were led by Wesley Matthews (21 points), LaMarcus Aldridge (17 points, 14 rebounds), Damian Lillard (16 points, 6 assists), Nicolas Batum (15 points, 7 rebounds, 7 assists) and Robin Lopez (12 points, 8 rebounds).

Box Score

Lets get our Greg Odenth victory of the year!!!
by KingWes

Or Buck Williamsth....
by jenstcy

First Half: Just like the previous game, the Blazers came out looking a little bored and relaxed. Utah started out hot from downtown, and took a six point lead in the first quarter. The Blazers responded by... continuing to play lazy and make mistakes, giving Utah their easiest 8 point lead of the season after the first. In the second quarter, the bench clearly cared more, but are less talented, so it worked out as well as you'd expect. The Blazer starters returned and... well, let's not mince words here, they started trying harder. They took a lead, then they got a little lazy again, gave up turnovers and offensive rebounds, and fell behind again. It was like a vicious cycle, but much more boring. Speaking of cycles, the Blazers picked up the effort again to take a 2 point lead at halftime.

Portland 53, Utah 51

Why am i still watching this? lol
by dingleberrys

Because you sold your soul to the Blazers.
by Blazing Chargers

Hahahaha, now that's funny and true.
by dingleberrys

Second Half: More of the same, as Lillard finally scored his first points halfway into the quarter. Portland led for most of the quarter, but regularly gave up easy dunks or open three-pointers to Utah. The bench came in and, shockingly, Utah came back to tie it at the end of the quarter.

This game is like me ....... before 8am ...... on decaf.
by Roadblazer

The Blazers promptly turned it over to open the fourth quarter. But they hit back to back to back three-pointers to get back into the lead. Damian added his third three-pointer of the quarter for good measure, and suddenly the Blazers led by 8. Utah responded by missing another shot, and leaving Lillard open for three for a third of a second. Swish. Another Utah miss, and Lillard air-balled a three. Nobody's perfect. After a Blazer steal, they nabbed three offensive rebounds, leading to a Matthews layup on an alley-oop, and a 13 point lead with 5 minutes left. As Portland got a little lazy again, Utah cut the lead to single digits with 2:26 left, but Matthews responded with a three-pointer to put the game away.

Have we won by 5 yet? I been trying to work while watching and not really watching.
by Mortimer

What's Next:

Another day off for the Blazers, who play the Golden State Warriors Sunday night in Portland. If the Blazers win that game, they will clinch the 5th seed.

Gameday Thread Comments of the Night:

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