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Portland Trail Blazers Playoff Matchups

The Portland Trail Blazers are on their way to the playoffs Which Western Conference foes would be toughest and which easiest?

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports


I have ranked the other top 8 teams in the West in order of least desired first round playoff matchup to most desired playoff matchup for the Blazers. How did I do?

1. Houston
2. Oklahoma City
3. LA Clippers
4. Memphis
5. San Antonio
6. Golden State
7. Phoenix
8. Dallas


Let's throw this open. How did Daniel do? List your own playoff matchups for the Blazers in order from hardest to easiest in the comment section.

My initial thought is that Memphis might be higher but it's hard to argue with the success rate of the teams you have above them. I agree with Houston as #1, as I suspect most will...though I could be wrong about that.

Mostly what I read in this list is that, wow...every potential opponent could prove problematic. It's not going to be an easy road in the West for anyone, let alone the Blazers.

Expand on that thought below and offer your own order and rationale!

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