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Where Do the Portland Trail Blazers Finish in the West?

Blazer's Edge readers ponder where the Portland Trail Blazers will finish in the Western Conference and who their playoff opponent will be.

Craig Mitchelldyer-USA TODAY Spo

Well, bummer. After a long session of talking sports and sharing butterfly kisses with Bob Costas, I have now come down with a semi-nasty eye infection. My eyeballs are burning and I can barely see the computer screen, so a 2500-word essay on Blazer intricacies is out.

Therefore I'm going to turn to you guys with the questions of the hour:

1. What seed do the Blazers finish with in the West?

2. Who will their first-round playoff opponents be?

3. How do you think the Blazers will fare in that matchup?

Share, debate, and discuss your answers in the comment sections today as we wait to wallop the Lakers this evening!

You can also find a partial answer to this and many other questions in this week's edition of the Trail Blazers' Running the Break feature.

--Dave (