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Video: Blazers C Robin Lopez Considers Possibility Of Alien Life

Portland Trail Blazers center Robin Lopez discusses the possibility that we are not alone in the galaxy.

Portland Trail Blazers center Robin Lopez discusses aliens, comic books and his artwork in a quick video put together produced by The Madbury Club.

"I'm definitely willing to believe," Lopez says of the possibility of extraterrestrials. "Anything paranormal I definitely have an interest in, especially supernatural ghosts."

He goes on to imagine aliens ranging in size from microscopic to 13-feet tall and then shows off some of his artwork, crediting his grandmother for helping inspire his non-basketball interests.

"My grandma had a huge book collection that would appeal to kids, tons of comic books, vintage, modern, fantasy and sci-fi novels, stuff that would make you froth at the mouth," he says.

Back in December, Steve Duin of The Oregonian had a nice look at Lopez's love for comic books.

Hat tip: @MadburyClub

-- Ben Golliver | | Twitter