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Final: Warriors Beat Blazers, 113-112

The short-handed Portland Trail Blazers pulled ahead early, but Stephen Curry and Golden State made a run late to steal a win.

Craig Mitchelldyer-USA TODAY Spo

In the absence of LaMarcus Aldridge, the Blazers had balanced scoring, led by Damian Lillard (26 points, 7 assists), Nicolas Batum (23 points, 14 rebounds) and Robin Lopez (14 points, 10 rebounds).

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Box Score

First Quarter: A solid quarter for the Blazers, as they kept a slim lead for most of the 12 minutes. Portland struggled with transition defense, a popular problem lately, but held back the Warriors in the half-court, helped by some cold shooting. At the other end, they drew two early fouls on Klay Thompson, and used a balanced attack to play Golden State to a standstill.

Portland 24, Golden State 23

Very even first quarter:
Blazers: 10/23 from the field, 1/6 from 3, and 3/4 fromm the line
Warriors: 10/23 from the field, 1/4 from 3, and 2/2 from the line
by axel360

Second Quarter: The Warriors took a lead early, but as the Blazers brought their starters back in, they picked up the defense and went on a run. By the time Mo Williams handed to Batum for a fast-break layin, Portland had a 10 point lead and forced a timeout. Golden State just couldn't get anything started at the offensive end, even missing shots they normally make. The Blazers kept it going, including a Batum three-pointer on a broken play that went all the way into the backcourt. Stephen Curry took control of the Warriors offense, keeping them close as the quarter wound down.

Portland 55, Golden State 44

Impressed with what Claver did in his limited minutes. Got some nice rebounds and played solid defense on Lee.
by Blazing Chargers

Third Quarter: The Blazers opened with an insane five consecutive three-point plays to pull ahead by 18 at the halfway point, before the Warriors made their inevitable run to get back into the game. Curry warmed up and cut the lead to 12 with a long three, and hit another three to pull within 11. He added two free throws to cut it to single digits, while the Warriors' defense picked up. Curry and Thompson did their thing and kept the game within reach for Golden State.

Portland 85, Golden State 77

I felt like that was a good quarter... And we were outscored by 3-5 points
by SlickRick1987

Fourth Quarter: Another Curry three-pointer made it a 5 point game, and a tough Thompson jumper made it 3, as the remaining Blazer starters quickly returned to the game. Curry nailed another three-pointer to cut the Blazer lead to 2, and yet another Thompson three-pointer made it a one point game. Lopez missed a free throw, but so did Thompson. Portland led by 1 with 6 minutes left. On the next play, Lillard did not get a foul on the drive, but Thompson did at the other end, leading to a technical foul on Blazers' Coach Terry Stotts, and a lead for the Warriors. Meanwhile, Portland couldn't get anything started against the Golden State defense, leading to a Matthews layup attempt going over the backboard.

Curry hit another three for a 4 point lead, and started jawing with the fans in the front row. Batum responded with a three point play, then a fadeaway three-pointer... swish, and the Blazers led again. Williams was called for a foul, which he disagreed with, leading to another technical foul. That gave the Warriors a three-point play and the lead. Mo responded with a three-pointer at the other end. David Lee got a layup at the other end, and the game was tied with 3 minutes left. Another Lee layup gave Golden State the lead again. With 2 minutes left, Lillard hit two free throws to tie it up.

At the other end, Curry was called for the offensive foul, and Portland had a chance for the lead, but Williams turned it over. Golden State missed two chances at the lead, and Lillard missed a tough layup. With 54 seconds left, Thompson nailed a three-pointer in transition to give the Warriors a three-point lead. With 45 seconds left, the Blazers opened up the court, and Lillard packed down a monster dunk to cut the deficit to 1. Curry turned it over, and Lillard took it to the hoop in transition and missed... but he was fouled, and the Blazers took a 1 point lead. Golden State had a chance at the lead, swung it around the horn, and Thompson had a shot for three... boom. The Warriors took a 2 point lead with 11 seconds left. The Blazers went to Lillard, who missed, but Batum was fouled on the rebound. He needed both free throws to tie, and missed the second... Batum got the rebound and missed a jumper in a weird play... and the game was over, and Golden State stole the win.

What's Next:

A day off for the Blazers, and a status report on LaMarcus Aldridge, before the Milwaukee Bucks arrive in town Tuesday night.

In the meantime, stay tuned for plenty of coverage of tonight's game from Dave and Ben.

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